SAKE is an Asian Empowered ally to sex-positive and kinky lifestylists and professionals through the use of mentorships, outreach, education and custom private
parties performed and operated by SAKE leaders and members.

Our goal is to simply create and cultivate an inclusive positive community through which anyone both new and old can safely navigate and explore to experience their hearts kinkiest desires.


Never exclusive, always inclusive. Kizuna is the Japanese word for bond or unity. Touch upon the start of LA Munch (Alex bringing it from NYC, Alex/Tsumi/T meeting etc)
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Sexuality and Kink Enlightenment

Harmonic Balance

Ying and Yang is a concept of dualism in
Ancient Chinese Philosophy.
Striking balance when you have kink needs is a tight rope act and we are here to help. (Maybe touch upon equality/gender/roles too??)

Harmonic Balance

Ying and Yang is a concept of dualism in
Ancient Chinese Philosophy.
Striking balance when you have kink needs is a tight rope act and we are here to help.

Code of Conduct

Rules and Hard Limits to know beforehand



1. Consent Is Never Assumed. No means no. Any member failing to honor safe-words, stated limited boundaries, violate personal space or boundaries egregiously or aggressively will be removed by SAKE Staff and face consequence(s) thereof.

2. Zero Harassment Policy. Deemed abusive behavior and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Examples include but not limited to: bullying, coercion, unwanted sexual advances, false accusations, intimidation, et al.

3. Observe With Respect. Members in SAKE events will be practicing and performing their kinks. We ask that you observe respectfully at a distance. Ridiculing, gawking or otherwise commenting negatively on other’s activities is not allowed.

4. No Recording Of Any Kind. No member is allowed to take photography, video or audio recording of any event without the expressed consent of SAKE. Safe designated areas of phone use, photography, video or audio recording will be expressed and notified by SAKE Staff where allowable. Any member wanting to create a recording must contact SAKE Staff as well as the expressed consent of all those in said recording.

5. Respect of Property. No member is allowed to touch, handle, or move the property of other members without their expressed consent. As members are also not allowed to put to use instruments, property or objects under their ownership onto others without their expressed consent. SAKE takes no responsibility for your personal

6. Do Not Interrupt Another Member’s Scene. During scenes or play do not interrupt others with interference of any kind both physical, mental, or emotional until that scene or play is in its completion. Examples include but not limited to: walking through scenes, offering advice/opinions, etc. If you believe a scene is dangerous contact the
nearest SAKE staff.

7. Clean Up After Yourself. When using the spaces and equipment provided by SAKE you must clean all used properties with provided cleaning tools. Any cleaning tools unavailable must be notified to SAKE Staff for acquisition.

8. No Use of Illegal Drugs or Heavy Intoxication. All members need to be able to give concise conscious consent to all play and interaction within events. Any member unable to do so will be removed from events and/or face punishments not limited to.

9. SAKE’s Designated Safe Word Is RED. For the safety of community events, this is the only safe word that should be used within our space so that SAKE Staff can most quickly intervene if necessary.

10. SAKE Retains The Right To Refuse Service With No Refunds.

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